Are we legit?!

This is the number one question we get asked and yes! We have plenty of great reviews from past customers just take a look at our products pages! Also check out the video below for us modding an account in real time. Don’t get scammed by others we are the real deal.





Please carefully read through this FAQ before asking any questions about our services, most likely your question will be answered here. We are not affiliated with RockStar Games.


Can we do cheaper accounts than those offered in our store?

No, it takes about an hour to do account and we can’t provide this service by charging $10 for an account. If someone is offering you $10 accounts it is probably because they are scamming you.

Why do Xbox One and PC users need a PSN account?


You need a free psn account from www.playstation.com for your service, whether you’re on Xbox One, PC or Playstation. The PSN acount is only to store your GTA character until it’s transferred to your platform, and yes it works! Just make sure you have not transferred any previous character data from ps3 or xbox 360 to the account you want to use on Xbox One or Playstation 4. If you are on PC make sure you have not transferred a character from any console to your PC account.

You need to make sure you have fully completed your PSN account before ordering!

This means you MUST complete ALL the info Playstation requires and have a gamer tag entered. If you have not selected a gamer tag we can not process your order! If you do not do this your order will be moved to the back of the line while we contact you so you can properly make the account. If you don’t know what to fill out please watch the video below.



How do I purchase a service?

Visit our products page

How long does it take?

All orders are processed within 24 hours. Due to timezone differences, processing hours and order volume it’s difficult to give you a definite time of completion. To speed up the process please make sure you provide the correct psn email and password or your order gets pushed to the back of the que, and if you fail to provide the correct info again it gets pushed back again!

Can I use this service?

If you own a Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, or PC, and a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 the answer is YES!

Does this work online?



How does this work?


This service depends on the character transfer feature of GTA 5 . You must provide a “un-transferred” psn account, an account you have not used to transfer a character to your platform ie. Xbox One, PC, or Playstation 4.
We create a GTA 5 on Playstation 3 character based on the package and options you choose and everything will trasnfer to your account on your platform platform ie. Xbox One, PC, or Playstation 4. If on PS4 you can use your ps4 account as long as you have never transferred a character from ps3 on it! If you have please give us a fresh PSN that has never been used and made via the playstation website or else it won’t work!

Can I use my current account?

If you’ve already transferred a character from Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 to your Playstation 4, XboxOne or PC account you will need to make a NEW Playstation 4, Xbox or PC account to accept the character transfer. NO Exceptions This service does not include a copy, key, or license to play GTA 5, you must already own, or intend to purchase GTA 5 to use this service.

If you have transferred a GTA 5 character from PS3 or 360 to your account, OR you’re gaming on XboxOne, or PC or PS4 YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE A NEW PSN ACCOUNT for the character transfer. This does not required you to use or own a PlayStation AT ALL it’s just a way to hold your character until it’s transferred to your PS4, XboxOne or PC account. You can make an account using the link below. It’s important that you make the PSN account for this service to work properly.

Click here to create a new PSN account
Click here to create a new Xbox Live Account

You only get ONE transfer per account on ANY gaming platform, ergo you get ONE service per account, unless you are on PS3 then you can purchase any service as many times as you’d like.

Where can I make a Rockstar Social Club account?

Click here to make a Social club account


Do I need to purchase a subscription to Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play online with a new account?


No, if you make a new XboxOne or PS4 account because you have already transferred or want to use this service on an alternate account you do not need to re-purchase Gold or Playstation Plus if another account on your console has Gold or Plus you can play online multiplayer with your new account with Xbox Gold or Playstation Plus sharing.

Again, PS4,XboxOne and Pc users this is the ONLY opportunity to purchase a service, you can only transfer ONCE per account, you can not add money, rank, unlocks or ANYTHING after you transfer your character to PS4, XboxOne or PC.

If you want an additional service later you will need to make NEW account(s) and re-purchase a package.

Only PS3 users have the option to repurchase services for a single account.


What are the chances of getting banned?

We have had ZERO account bans. And we have personally used accounts for over 2 years and have never been banned.


Can i buy a single service?

I do not sell single services ie, “money only”. If you are on Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC. The reason behind this is simple; The service works around the character transfer feature, which will delete all existing characters from your account upon transfer. The packages i designed are for a richer gaming experience. If you transfer a character with only money than you will still have to level up, unlock the weapons, unlock the car upgrades and many other features. With a package you can play the game like it was really meant to be played!



Character is not available/stats haven’t changed?

Check your social club to make sure accounts are linked properly.

My contacts and/or missions don’t display in multiplayer?

This happens for a short period of time after the transfer
Contacts will slowly begin to call you and unlock as you play GTA Online, just wait and they will all unlock soon.

Missions sometimes do not immediately appear after the transfer if you opt to skip the GTA online tutorial. To fix this you can:

1. Play the online tutorial to avoid the issue.
2. Skip the online tutorial and earn 6,100 RP, the equivalent of level 5, and all missions will become available.

These issues are rare and shouldn’t occur but are known issues and these are the fixes for them.



Tips for keeping your account safe:

Don’t tell anyone you used a recovery service unless you trust them, no randoms.

Don’t bully other players, that will only lead to them reporting you and draw Rockstar’s attention to your account.
Keep the stats legit, you can have an insane level if you want just know that some jealous players will report you, but Rockstar will not ban you unless they have hard evidence.